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Motorola Advisor II Alphanumeric Pager

Motorola are back in the paging market with this new alphanumeric pager in the style of the original Advisor Gold/LX4. The Advisor II displays up to four lines of text with up to twenty characters per line. The zoom feature allows users to enlarge to two lines of text while the large electro-luminescent display provides optimum readability.

Users can easily manage their messages with the Advisor II pager's Personal Notebook for storing personal messages and a Mail Drop Notebook for storing information service messages.

The Advisor II pager is available in Australia and New Zealand in VHF POCSAG models.


Message Slots - 52 Message Slots for storing multiple pages

Cap Codes - 4 individual Cap Codes to allow the user to receive individual or group pages

Character Capacity - Up to 30,000 maximum character capacity

Display - Optimax® EL Electra Light for easy readability

Message Preview - Allows the user to view the first line of each message for easy reference

Built-in Alarm Clock

Event Alarm - Allows the user to set a one-time or daily alarm for up to 5 personal messages

User-Selectable Alerts - Includes Vibrating Alert, Standard Alert, Chirping Alert, 7 different Pleasing Alerts, or No Alert (silent)

Selective Erase/Erase All - Allows the user to erase messages individually or all at once

Graphic Battery Gauge - Shows battery level

Pager Spec Sheet